Wow, it has been a little while since I have updated…

My hubby and I enjoyed what will probably be our last vacation without children.  We love to travel and see our country.  This year after much deliberation as to where to go for vacation, we finally agreed on Nashville.  I had never been, but my husband had several years prior to our meeting.  We also did something we had not done together before.  We decided to make it a road trip instead of flying!  I had also done something I had never done before, I left the planning completely up to my husband.  He asked me for list of things I would like to see and that was it, the rest was left completely up to him!  We had a wonderful vacation, saw everything that we both wanted to see and well, had a great time enjoying a city that is the hub of country music.

We returned this past Saturday evening and spent Sunday prepared to go back to work.  Although I teach, each year for the past eleven years I have worked our summer school program.  We also knew that this would be the week that we would have our final meeting with our case worker to finalize our paperwork.  So on Wednesday evening we had our final home inspection, reviewed our profile and then signed our papers. WE ARE OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED!!!

It is an overwhelming experience to sign papers and know that you have completed all of the requirements to become foster parents.  We were blessed in the fact that we went through our process rather quickly.  Now we look forward to the day we welcome children into our home.  Our paperwork will officially be filed with the county/state this Friday, July 5th!  We can expect phone calls any time after that!

So today, as we celebrate Independence Day and reflect on the true meaning of today, we are thankful.  For the first time we have decided to just enjoy a quiet day at home together!  Unusual for us as we always seem to have plans, but I truly believe this is exactly what we need.  Who knows this time next year, with our brood in tow, we will probably be heading to a local fair or carnival and enjoying fireworks as a family!  At least that is what we dream about and hope for!

This week has been full of many celebrations, all of which we are thankful for!  God has truly blessed us and we are ready for this next step!


Psalm 37:4 ~ Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.




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