Bunk Beds!

So after my husband shocked me with the idea that we would be willing to bring two children into our home, I spun into action preparing for two instead of one!  The “perfectly” decorated room for one has now become a room for two.  A “simple” change from a single bed to a bunk bed has changed pretty much everything in the room at this point!

After we agreed that we would take two, I began the search for bunk beds.  I figured this was a temporary fix until we decide to move (when the time is right) to a bigger home.  Not wanting to pay a ton of money, we searched for the frame on the internet at various stores, on craigslist, at yard sales and I even put an email out to all of my co-workers.  Finally this past Wednesday, I found a set that looked reasonable and right for the room on Craigslist.  The price was right and I was ready to go and see what they looked like in person.  An hour drive led to the purchase of the lovely solid oak bunk beds.  With a busy week, we knew that putting them together would have to wait until the weekend!

Saturday morning we got up and went to a few yard sales, as this seems to have become our Saturday morning ritual.  I am hunting for a sit and stand stroller, few other little items and whatever else strikes our fancy!   After we finished up on our morning “treasure hunt” we went to a local warehouse to purchase the second mattress we would need for the bunk bed and then it was home to scrub down the new bunk and put it together!

My hubby and I worked together to get the bunk all cleaned up and shiny!  We laughed as we wiped everything down with Murphy’s Oil Soap and commented on how our grandparents swore by the stuff!  The bunk looked like new and was ready to be built!  About half way into building it we realized that the ladder was on the wrong side and that there was NO way to quickly fix the problem.  We went back and forth over whether or not we could make it work or if we should just go and buy a new set.  Finally, I suggested that we just call my dad.  He has always been able to fix everything and well, I just really thought he could help!

Sure enough after a call to my mom, over they came!  Within minutes my dad had a plan and he and my hubby worked side by side to get it done.  My mother and I helped as well, but the guys outdid themselves.  A few small changes and a few little drill holes would make the bed like new and make it work in the room.  It was safe, sturdy and perfect for our needs.

Today, we returned the bedrail we no longer needed, finished up a few minor details on the beds and it was time to re-decorate.  Something I love to do!  I think it is safe to say that the room is ready, ready for two!!!

One thing is for sure, we are thankful for our parents and their help and support.  They are always there for us and support us in so many ways.  I appreciate my mom for many reasons, for her prayers, love, guidance and insight into parenting.  I appreciate my dad for his love and support and help in building and fixing things we are unsure of doing ourselves.  They really don’t know how much it means to us both.  I am also thankful for the relationship they have with my husband.

After they left on Saturday, I sent them both a quick text thanking them for dropping what they were doing to come out and help us figure this out.  My dad’s response was the best.  “No problem, very proud of the path you guys are taking, brings back memories.  Remember if it changes one life, it will be worth it.”  I could hardly respond as I cried.  Still his little girl, I needed that approval.  Those memories he had are of his childhood.  His grandparents, my great grandparents whom I never met, were foster parents and fostered over twenty six children.

I am thankful for the legacy that we have been left.  I am thankful that we are blessed with wonderful parents on both sides.  They pray for us, support us, love us and guide us in ways we never thought.  I know that any fears I have as a mother will be comforted by both my mom and mother-in-law and they will be there to love and “spoil” their grandchildren!

1 Thessalonians 5:18 ~Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.   



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