Ready, Set, Go!!!

Our morning started much like any other typical work day, Jason and I went through our normal morning “routine” in getting ready for work.  He always tells me he loves me and kisses me before he leaves.  It was at that point I noticed the anticipation and smile in his eyes.  I can always tell exactly how my husband feels by looking into his eyes.

My morning devotional was just further confirmation of God’s plan.  I have to be perfectly honest here and say, I have been slacking in my morning devotionals.  Today when I opened the website (Proverbs 31) I began to read… wouldn’t you know it, it was about making your life your mission field.  The first paragraph was about adoption, and I smiled, because I knew that wasn’t a coincidence… rather what I call a Godincidence.  His timing is perfect and His ways are just… Ahhhh – I love when I can feel His presence.

Now we are home and we can officially say – IT IS OFFICIAL, we have started the process!  Words cannot express our feelings this evening during the orientation.  While questions are swirling in our heads and new dreams are beginning to form, we were drawn back to a saying that has become our mantra… If only for a moment!  If only for a moment, we are given the privilege to pour into their lives, to love them, offer them consistency and stability, it will be worth it!  At the end of the orientation, without hesitation, our application was officially submitted.  We left with smiles on our faces and gratitude in our heart, gratitude for a Savior that called us to this “mission field.”  There were two phone calls made on the way home.  The first call was to my mom, she is so over the moon with excitement for us!  The second call was to a dear friend that has walked this journey herself.  Her words of support and love only added to the excitement.  A final text would round out the night in sharing this journey.  I was asked what the best part of the night was and my answer was simple… “Honestly, knowing we are doing the will of God.”  We are feeling so thankful and blessed.  It is simply overwhelming… in a good way!!!

Today’s scripture verse is from Galatians 5:13 ~ You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.”


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